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Screen Room

Outdoor Florida Room Repair for Your Screen Room by Aluminum Magic

If you’ve ever sat on your porch or patio in the summertime in Florida, you have probably wished that you had something other than bug spray to repel the bugs and mosquitoes. Covering your deck or porch in a complete screen enclosure is the best way to enjoy those long Florida nights without having to endure all those nasty bugs.

A full screen room enclosure is the simplest, most effective, and least expensive way to protect your outdoor living space. It also creates an ideal buffer zone around the entry points to your home, making it that much harder for unwanted bugs and mosquitoes to get in. Your screen room can also help keep your house cleaner by serving as an extra barrier against, dirt, dust, and debris.

Among the many advantages of a screen room, you will enjoy;

  • Breathing easy as bugs and debris are screened out of the air you breathe while you enjoy the beautiful Florida weather.

  • Screen rooms are very cost effective and are an affordable way to expend the livable spaces of your home, especially during the spring, summer, and autumn months.

  • Patio enclosures by Aluminum Magic LLC in Sanford, FL and fully upgradeable, and can be easily expanded at any point in time.


We offer a number of attractive finishes for your Florida Room including bronze, sandstone, white, and more. Powder coated finishes for extruded aluminum frames offer additional structural integrity for a longer lasting, more durable structure which will need few repairs, and is fully upgradeable.


To learn more about the many benefits of an outdoor screen room, call Aluminum Magic today and ask for your free estimate.

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