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Screen Porch

Get Your Screen Porch or Patio Enclosure Ready for Summer

Everybody loves to enjoy the weather outside during the spring, summer, fall, and even during the wintertime- especially down here in sunny and tropical Sanford, Florida. But as you know, when the weather is nice- you’re not the only one who loves it. The bugs do too!


That’s why now is the best time to schedule an appointment with Aluminum Magic LLC in Sanford, FL to have your Screen Porch and your Patio Enclosure built before the spring comes. Why is now the best time? Simple. Right now, everyone else is getting ready for winter. No one is thinking about building a screen enclosure for summer.


That means the best prices, and the quickest turnaround times will be yours to enjoy when you choose to work with Aluminum Magic right now. Our estimates are always free, and Aluminum Magic is family owned by a third-generation aluminum expert whose family has been in the business of building and repairing aluminum screen enclosures for over 40 years. That means, when you work with Aluminum Magic, your finished product will be built to stand the test of time.


Your screen porch and patio enclosure are guaranteed to improve the value of your home, enhance its outward appearance and so much more. It will also help keep the interior of your home clean by adding an additional barrier between your carpets and the dirt, debris, and bugs outside. What’s more, outdoor screen enclosures are ideal for sunbathing, and for projects that can benefit from open sunlight and fresh, open air.


Call, or visit us online today. With Aluminum Magic LLC in Sanford, FL, your estimate is always free- and quality is our guarantee.

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