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Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosure & Pool Cage by Aluminum Magic LLC

A screen room is a wonderful, simple, and inexpensive way to protect your favorite outdoor living spaces like patios, porches, cooking areas, gazebos, and pools. In fact, building a pool enclosure is one of Florida’s favorite ways to enhance the beauty and utility of a pool while keeping unwanted dirt, debris, and pests out. These structures are also a great way to enhance the value of your home.


Imagine how much more enjoyable your pool will be with a full pool enclosure. Not only does it make a pool nicer to use, but cleaning will be necessary far less often. Also, your pool filters will last longer, and your pool water filtration system will endure much less wear and tear without having to strain out massive amounts of unwanted material all year long.


For outdoor enclosures of this kind, screens are used as a protective barrier. Of course, these screens are subject to damage by birds, squirrels, wind, flying debris- and are especially subject to harm by seasonal tropical storms. When this happens, you need to have your outdoor screen enclosure repaired- otherwise, it cannot do its job.


Here at Aluminum Magic LLC in Sanford, FL, our team has the benefit of three generations of experience building, and repairing screened enclosures for pools, decks, patios, and much more. For the finest in outdoor enclosure design, construction, repair, and maintenance, Aluminum Magic LLC, is central Florida’s go-to service.


We specialize in building and maintaining;


  • Pool Enclosures

  • Screen Rooms

  • Lanais

  • Sun Rooms

  • Concrete Decks and Pavers

Call or click today for your free estimate, and have your outdoor recreation area ready next summer when the fun will begin again!

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